XNXUBD VPN browser is an Android app that combines a web browser with a VPN service. It is designed to allow users to access blocked websites and improve their privacy by encrypting all the traffic and routing it through a server in another country. Browse the web freely and securely with the XNXUBD VPN Browser APK.

How XNXUBD VPN Browser Anti Blokir Works


XNXUBD VPN works by routing your internet traffic through a VPN server. This encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address, making it difficult for ISPs, governments, and other third parties to track your online activity and block websites.

When you connect to the XNXUBD VPN Online Proxy server, the server assigns you a new IP address. This IP address is from a different location than your actual IP address, so it appears you are browsing the internet from that location.

All your traffic is then routed through the VPN server, which encrypts it and makes it harder to intercept and read your internet traffic.

Why XNXUBD VPN Browser?

Unblock Restricted Content

Unblock Restricted Content

Bypass geo-blocks and censorship to access your favorite websites and streaming services from anywhere in the world.

Encrypt Your Data

Encrypt Your Data

Protect your privacy and security by encrypting your internet traffic, making it unreadable to third parties.

Hide IP Address

Hide IP Address

Keep your online activity anonymous by hiding your IP address and location from websites and trackers.

No Logs

No Logs

XNXUBD VPN does not keep any logs of your online activity, so you can be sure that your privacy is protected.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Secure every device you own and enjoy unlimited internet access without worrying about overage charges or data caps.

Fast Servers

Fast Servers

Connect to high-speed servers in over 60 countries for the fastest and most reliable VPN experience.

Download XNXUBD VPN Browser PC, iOS and Android

Protect your privacy and security on all your devices with the XNXUBD VPN Browser. Our easy-to-use app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows PC, so you can browse the web safely and securely wherever you are.

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XNXUBD VPN Browser PC, Android and iOS

Unlock the Internet, Wherever You Are

With over 100 servers in over 60 countries, XNXUBD VPN Browser Anti Block offers one of the world’s largest and most reliable VPN server networks.

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria
Cambodia Canada Chile Denmark Germany India
Indonesia Japan Mexico Myanmar Netherlands Nigeria
Singapore South Africa Spain Switzerland UK USA

Download XNXUBD VPN Browser APK

Download XNXUBD VPN Browser apk latest version for Android and unlock the power of high-speed VPN servers. Browse the internet without any limitations and restrictions. Now, access the restricted content and stream in full HD. Enjoy your favorite app with no region barrier.

App NameXNXUBD VPN Browser
DeveloperMakanan Ringan
Latest Version3.0.0
Last Updated on2 days ago
File Size17MB
Total Downloads85478+

Frequently Asked Question

XNXUBD VPN Browser APK is an Android app that combines the power of a browser with a VPN and allows you to surf the internet anonymously. With the help of this, you can bypass the restriction imposed by ISP and encrypt your data connection, leaving no traces behind.

To Download XNXUBD VPN Browser Anti Block, visit xnxubdvpn.com and click the download button. Select your operating system and proceed with the installation part.

The app has over 100+ high-speed servers in countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and many more. See the complete list of servers.

No. The app has yet to be available on the Play Store, but soon will be.

To download the XNXUBD VPN browser for PC and Chrome OS, you need to install an Android emulator for pc and then proceed with the installation of the .apk file and start using the browser.